Print your own wedding programs : We can help.

Wedding bulletins are not difficult to make using our wedding program templates:
The first thing you need to do to begin preparing your wedding bulletins is download the correct template for the bulletins that you have selected. You may also be using an insert if you have a lot of information to print. Templates for wedding program inserts are also available for you. When you download a template you will notice that it is in a very plain font. Don’t worry about that yet, we’ll make it look nice after you have placed all of your wedding information in the template.

Remember, we’re doing this one step at a time. While most people do not need an insert, when you begin editing your wedding program you might discover that you need more room to print everything that you want to say. In that case, you will need to order inserts to give you more printing area. It’s easy to buy them when you buy wedding programs from us. Just check the box under your wedding program selection to add inserts to the wedding program order.

OK, Great, you’ve downloaded your wedding program template. Now, using Microsoft Word, open the template. You’re going to notice right off the bat that you don’t know any of the people listed on the template. The template is also not very attractive at this point. Don’t worry about it. Just change all of the names and dates and places etc. to reflect your wedding service. We’ll make it look nice after you have entered all of your wedding information.

Fantastic, You’ve downloaded your template and changed all of the wording in it to reflect your own wedding ceremony.  If you’ve been following the directions carefully you should have an informative wedding program that looks terrible. After you have edited them they could look something like the images below.
     Click on the first image below to get an idea of how inserts are used in wedding programs. A new window will open and you can click through the pages. Wedding Bulletins for Christian Brides


So, Let’s make your wedding programs look nice. Remember, we would be happy to “dress up” your programs for you if you would rather not deal with it. You can, at any time, just attach what you have to an order and we will make it look nice for you.

Start at the top of the left column. This is most likely where you have the bride and grooms names and the date and place of the ceremony. We are going to work our way down the program in a methodical way.

  1. Begin by highlighting that entire area where the bride and grooms names are. Then select a font that you like. A nice one would be Script MTB. It’s script but not difficult too read. While your at it, change the font size to 12pt (for starters) You may want to go back and change the font size of the bride and grooms names to a larger size. I like to use 16pt. (but only for the bride and groom)
  2. Now, Go down the left column and change each of the main points to the font that you have chosen.
  3. After I have changed the main points to my favorite font, I like to go back and change the song titles and the participants names to a block font. (Times New Roman is what I usually use). This way it breaks up the wedding program into readable “Parts” that can be easily followed during the service.
  4. I try to make the left column of the wedding programs end with the “recessional”.  You will probably have to go back and adjust the spaces between the lines in order to make the recessional end at the right place at the bottom of the page.
  5. Now begin working on the right column of the wedding programs. I like to begin with the names of the parents. I like to begin by changing all of the titles to the same font that I selected for the left column.
  6. After the titles have been changed to a nice font, I then go back and change the participants names to “Times New Roman”

Your wedding programs should be starting to take shape at this point.  You will need to use some imagination while working on the groomsmen list and bridesmaids. If you have a lot of them you may want to center the word “Groomsmen” and then center the names on lines of two or three grouped together underneath. This will save space and it will also be very attractive. The “Thank you” paragraph can be on the back of the wedding programs or printed at the bottom of the right column.

By now you should be far enough along to use your own imagination. Of course you can place your order for wedding programs and attach the template as you have it now and we would be happy to complete your wedding programs for you.

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