When Not To Get Married

When not to get married: with such high divorce statistics are there any indicators when to say no? Reading various reports the answer is yes. However, there are some subtle, as well as not so subtle indicators, which should make you think twice before saying yes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: but they will only give a true indicator of when not to get married if you answer truthfully. Either sit down with a close friend, or by yourself, and address the pros and cons. Some questions may be applicable to you, others may not. A close friend is more likely to be more challenging of your answers.
It is not a question of how may questions you answer yes to. An example of when not to get married is if there has been abuse of any kind. The answer should be a resounding no. If you still wish to give him/her a chance then at least they should be prepared to acknowledge their abuse, enroll in, and complete an appropriate programme. You should enter this marriage with your eyes wide open.

A true scenario of when not to get married:

I sat down with my close friend the day before her wedding. I said to her: imagine I am a good alien who is going to abduct and protect you. When you return everything will be OK; the wedding will have been cancelled, the groom pacified, the parents understanding, the presents returned and your guests understanding. This I will do for you. She said no, everything was all right.

A couple of years later, after her divorce, she admitted two things to me (a) she married to spite her mother and (b) she wished she had said yes to the alien abduction, but just didnt have the nerve. She married her ex because he reminded her of a famous cricketer whom she admired.

Finally, the old saying “all good things are worth waiting for dont be in such a rush to say yes.

Get Rid Of Worry Once And For All

At this day and age there are just so many aspects to every person’s life that it seems uncertain what can happen at any time which is probably one of the main reasons why so many people tend to be too uptight and worry so much.

Truthfully being worried does not really get anything done and only adds up to personal anxiety, so to be able to prevent the circumstance of having to worry way too much, it is best to look into practical steps that can contribute to decreasing this kind of mentality.

Seek Help from Others 

It does not necessarily mean that when you worry too much that you need to consult with an expert, but being able to look into help from other people would be a great step to relieve yourself from your worrisome mentality.

Consider being with your family or having well spent time with friends so that you are able to vent out your concerns and at the same time have a different point of view towards whatever issues that you often worry about, hopefully through the time you spend with these people you will realize that your worry is not really necessary.

Get Preoccupied 

Having enough idle time in a day can contribute a lot in keeping your mind fueled with so many issues to worry about and an excellent step that will surely work to remove that chance of having way too much time in your hands is getting really busy.

Take time to focus on school or work tasks, find a hobby or sport that you can join on a regular, just make sure that you have a lot in mind to make you forget about the general idea of a worried state of mind.

Invest on the Future 

If you still find yourself worrying so much, especially when it comes to what will happen to you in the future then the best way to alleviate your way of thinking is to look into getting as much insurance policies that you find necessary.

You may find this silly and condescending but getting insurance is an actual assurance for whatever circumstance that could happen to you in the future and with enough policies that you can avail, you will have enough consideration for just about all the different kinds of unforeseen and worrisome circumstances that could happen in the future.